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It is quite pleasing to observe the increased concern and attention to issues related to research methods in medicine. However, the subject of method selection is one of the most significant aspects that determine the success of writing medical essays, and its success depends on the specifics of the research. First of all, it is worth considering two main types of methods: Both, there being what is known as quantitative and qualitative research. Survey research, questionnaires, and experimental procedures are all quantitative methods. They assist in the accumulation of dimensional data in order to obtain statistical trends and figures. In contrast, qualitative research methods involve collecting and analyzing non-numerical as well as experiences and phenomena. These are interviews, observations as well as case studies. These methods provide more sophisticated and specific data, especially when it comes to researching various medical concerns including effects psychosocial factors have on health. Therefore, if you are in a position whereby you have to decide which method is most appropriate for your study then it is important that you look at the purpose of the study as well as the objectives. But at, often it is possible to locate qualitative case studies that would be helpful to assess the practical use of concepts, which can be used as a reference point in their own study.

You can use both quantitative methods for analyzing large amounts of data and identifying statistical relationships, and qualitative methods for in-depth case studies and understanding individual aspects. The main thing is to decide on the purpose of your essay and choose the method that will best help you achieve it



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